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Watch out! Dinasours!: Hizmetler


The train track between the city and nature, through the trees... Get ready for the train travel along the river, cross the city, and through the hills!

Trains have been one of the oldest and most popular vehicles in human history. The trains attract attention with their imposing structure and construction are the new favorite component of children's playgrounds!


The project location surrounded by trees is located near the forest and has lots of hills with different highness. Having mountainous hills in the playground has created many climbing and sliding points for children. The runways and signs components in the area help children with both their circulation needs and their cognitive development.


While the area with many balance elements supports the motor and muscle development of children. Tunnels located in the hills also meet the need for free play.

Design Date: 2021
Products: Galopin
Watch out! Dinasours!: Metin
Watch out! Dinasours!: Görüntü

Analyses & Conceptual Sketches

Each area is designed for all ages and needs. The social, mental, and physical development of children always affects concept design.

According to the analysis, it is foreseen that there will be 11 different playing spots in Through the Hills concept. Some types of equipment could match the same play spots.

Watch out! Dinasours!: Alıntı

Through The Hills is designed to help children develop physical strength and balance. The balance bars are located between different heights of the hills so that the users can experience the excitement of the track by creating a challenge.
Dizzy Steps is an area that includes a balance track designed with springs of different sizes and shapes for users. Design leads the users to gain physical and cognitive development in the adventure circulation with step stones and hill tunnels between the hills.
With the feature of being the highest point of the playground, Observation Tower offers value with a balcony where users can observe the whole area. This area which has a climbing function of various difficulties is designed for 5 years olds and more.
Train Station, where trains and road traffic in the intersection of trains created play areas with eye-catching signs found. This area, designed for children between the age of 2-6 group. That has made the playground desirable with many functions to help children's cognitive, creative thinking, and social development.
Cross the River is an area designed for ages 2 and above. Although there is much rocking equipment in the area, it is covered with different flooring to create landscape awareness for children.


You can see the other projects down below.



Are you ready to sail to the depths of the sea? But watch out, waves can be pretty dangerous!

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