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Watch out! Dinasours!: Hizmetler


Are you ready to sail to the depths of the sea? But watch out, waves can be pretty dangerous!

The Yedimavi residential area was named with inspiration from oceans has built-in one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul. 

We are going on an adventure through the deep oceans... Get ready for the big waves of adventure with the magnificent whale, cute dolphin, and octopus. The components of the Deep Ocean arouse interest in submarines and aquatic creatures in children.   


Be on the watch from the red deck; watch out the tide rips and icecaps. Keep your eyes open; everything is possible…

Design Date: 2019
Products: Kompan
Watch out! Dinasours!: Metin
Watch out! Dinasours!: Görüntü

Analyses & Conceptual Sketches

Each area is designed for all ages and needs. The social, mental, and physical development of children always affects concept design.

According to the analysis, it is foreseen that there will be 13 different playing spots in the Deep Ocean concept. Some types of equipment could match the same play spots.

Watch out! Dinasours!: Alıntı

The product named Mr. Whale is customized for children over +7 years old. The whale had designed to support the imagination that also provides the users prioritizes physical activity. Through its climbing and sliding elements, it gains physical skills. In this way, physical and mental activities develop in parallel.

The Stay in Balance and Danger! Eddy! areas have been designed for over +2 years old to aim to develop the motor skills of children in this age range. It supports muscle-bone development by trying to stay in balance. Thanks to the animal figures around it, it improves the perception of focus.

        There is a ship designed to support the imagination in the space called Stay Focused!. In this area designed for +2-year-olds, children gain physical gain as they climb the stairs. There is a slide that will take them to the whirlpool.


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A mysterious forest next to the small fishing village... What awaits you after the slime road? You do not want to know..

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