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Watch out! Dinasours!: Hizmetler


A mysterious forest next to the small fishing village... What awaits you after the slime road? You do not want to know..

Dinosaurs were one of the most fascinating creatures that ever existed on earth. These creatures have inspired many movies, stories, and toys, and their new areas are children's playgrounds!


The striking structure of the Dinasour and its concept area make eye-catching the area it is located. If the villagers want to go to the area where the Dinosaur lived, they have to bypass the mud and rough roads of the fishing village living near the forest.

But remember! Approaching the dinosaur may not be that easy.

Design Date: 2020
Products: Kompan
Watch out! Dinasours!: Metin
Watch out! Dinasours!: Görüntü

Analyses & Conceptual Sketches

Each area is designed for all ages and needs. The social, mental, and physical development of children always affects concept design.

According to the analysis, it is foreseen that there will be 12 different playing spots in Watch out! Dinosaurs! concept. Some types of equipment could match the same play spots.

Watch out! Dinasours!: Alıntı

The Dinosaur Nest enhances children's imagination and contributes to both social, physical, and mental skills. Nets, fireman poles, and slides around the playground allow children to experience physical challenges. While, children can enjoy the forest area in this area, where there are also recreational units.

Loam Way is an area designed for the 7+ age group. There are units in the area that will enable children to experience all kinds of physical challenges. Children develop motor skills while trying to stay in balance.

The Village is an area designed for the age group 2-6. There are small slides in the area, boats that allow you to develop your imagination and relax, and cute dolphins. The children were allowed to understand the theme of the field and increase their imaginations.


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Are you ready to sail to the depths of the sea? But watch out, waves can be pretty dangerous!

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