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Watch out! Dinasours!: Hizmetler


Vines, poisonous herbs, dangerous crocodiles ... Everything worth saving the princess in the tower! Are you ready for adventure?

The Mavikent Park was located in the Şahinbey region of Gaziantep, has been rebuilt and go public again. This concept is inspired by the forest areas in the region.


It has been taken into consideration that area would save children from city life and integrate them with nature. It is designed to improve physical and social skills. The concept that appeals to the age between 2-12 range offers a wide range of play diversity.

Get ready for adventure with the integrative power of nature.

Design Date: 2019
Products: Lappset, PlayDNA, Yalp, Kompan
Watch out! Dinasours!: Metin
Watch out! Dinasours!: Görüntü

Analyses & Conceptual Sketches

Each area is designed for all ages and needs. The social, mental, and physical development of children always affects concept design.

According to the analysis, it is foreseen that there will be 13 different playing spots in the Welcome to The Jungle concept. Some types of equipment could match the same play spots.

Watch out! Dinasours!: Alıntı

The Inclusive Play area has been developed and designed for between the 2-6 age group range. The main goal is to enable them to socialize with a design aimed at developing their imagination for this age group.

The Ouch! Ivies! the area is targeted to improve physical gains with balance units designed for 5+ years old. By way of the forest concept climbing nets, units that support their integration with nature contribute to the improvement of children's imagination.

In Up to The Sky increases motor skill development is supported with balance platforms. In this area were designed for the 5+ age group, the motifs of the forest creatures also enable them to perceive nature with the whole.

The Rapunzel Tower has designed with an adventure focus has a complementary structure with high slides. Facades built on the concept support the story theme with the imagination of the children. Climbing units are leads the children to live the story themes form in their minds.


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Are you ready to sail to the depths of the sea? But watch out, waves can be pretty dangerous!

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