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Watch out! Dinasours!: Hizmetler


Endless sky .. Are you ready for a science journey with stars, planets and meteorites?

Blank space, infinite space... How would you like to explore outer space together that human beings still cannot fully explore? There is endless fun between the orbits of the planets in our solar system. And do you want to be one of these orbits?

So jump in, let's take the orbit tour!

Design Date: 2019
Products: Lappset, PlayDNA, Yalp, Kompan

Analyses & Conceptual Sketches

Each area is designed for all ages and needs. The social, mental, and physical development of children always affects concept design.

According to the analysis, it is foreseen that there will be 11 different playing spots in the Space Jump concept. Some types of equipment could match the same play spots.

Round and Round areas let the children can experience the workings of the solar system. As the sun rotates to the planet, the shape of the earth rotates both in the rotating and on its axis which is connected to the sun. This process contributes to both the physical and mental development of children.

Under the Dome is an area designed for children to grasp space better. Products found in the field provide experience on both constellations and planetary axes. They are areas where children can socialize together and achieve both mental and physical development.

The Circulation causes the children to orbit the field just like a planet orbiting the sun. It supports their imagination as well as their physical and mental development.

The Great Arc is a product that users can play together, offering the image of a planet's orbit in the field. The product, which contains many games, creates a space where individuals of all ages and physical conditions can socialize together.


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